ZettaMedia #LifeGoals Kickstarted in Yogyakarta! Turning Aspiring Writers to be Professional Writers

Posted by Primadita Rahma at 1 year ago

Just like its motto, Yogyakarta always has a special place in everyone’s heart. More than 300,000 college students in this province making the unstoppable development. Behind all the hustle and bustle, people treasure Yogyakarta youth’s talent and passion. One of those gifts is writing.

Yogyakarta has been famous with aspiring writers, including novelist and poet. Many publishers and online media companies choose to be based in Jogja, in order to approach those fresh minds. Many enthusiastic young people interested in writing but clueless how to start, and this is why ZettaMedia LifeGoals jumped in.

Started on Sunday, 16 October at Kolase Coffee Seturan, LifeGoals gathered 20 participants to join in a 9-weeks intensive program. The purpose of this program is to prepare professional writers who can conquer the competition. We also want to provide as many insights as possible, exposed the participants for what required to build a professional writer.

The first session was about “Viral Content Writing” explained by Primadita Rahma, ZettaMedia editor. In this session, participants get introduced to content writing as it becomes main needs in business. Participants taught to observe trending topic and write a likeable and compelling article for Trivia. In the same day,the importance of “Self Editing” clarified by Carolina Ratri, Managing Editor of RockingMama.

The next meeting held two weeks later. Emphasizing the urgency of sharing inspirations through online media, Riana Dewie, RibutRukun writer, suggested the participants how to write shareable contents in ZettaMedia portals. Challida Hikmarani, career coach from FISIPOL Universitas Gadjah Mada, completed the day by revealing the preferable characters in a writer.

The third talk took place at Smart Lounge, Lippo Plaza. The session was about fashion blogging and copywriting, presented by Erny Kurniawati, social media strategist and Trivia contributor. Participants actively engaged in photography experiments, leaving them enlightened about the power of content in marketing.

Other themes that will be discussed in the next meetings are event organizing, public speaking, fiction writing, sport journalism, and travel writing. Every meeting comes with a session with creativepreneur, encouraging participants to think outside the box and make their own business in the future.

Three upcoming meetings will be held on November 27, December 11 and December 18. We still open the opportunity for anyone to join the program and receive lifetime mentoring and consultation. For more information, contact: Prima 089650150150 or email to [email protected]

First Meeting, October 16

Second Meeting, October 30

Third Meeting, November 13


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