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Posted by Zetta Media at 2 years ago
We create Likeable, Over the top, Viral, and Engaging contents.

Zetta Media is a digital media network for millenials in Indonesia that creates portals highlighting inspirational, entertaining and innovative stories for real people. We create LOVE: Likeable, Over the top, Viral, and Engaging contents.

ZettaMedia's Portals:


A social content platform that highlights real life stories of real life people.


A portal that talks about the most inspiring, entertaining and informative contents for creative makers and enthusiasts.


A website that talks about love and personal relationships/ social in term of healthiness, self-improvement, wisdom, and spirituality.


A portal that provides warm, friendly, inspiring contents, advices and tips about relationship for millenials in Indonesia.


A portal that provides lifeguide and lifehacks for smart and powerful moms.

A portal that provides all the top stories and news from hundreds of leagues and competitions from around the world.


A portal that fills your day with various experiences, tips, and inspiring articles on managing money.


A portal for Indonesia that gives value, emotional support and education to women leaders/career-driven women in in the millennial era.


A portal that shares about lifehacks, business, & self development tips to help people to increase productivity, improve their skills, and enhance their careers.


A portal that shares advices and tips about lifestyle, fashion, art, and culture for men

Focusing on building a happy & #CreativeNation, we work with experienced & notable content partners to consistently create highest quality and honest stories of ‘real people’, also curate User Generated Content (UGC) from specific target audience.



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