Announcing our new partner, Merry Riana!

Posted by Gita Rustifar at 2 years ago

We are pleased to announce that Merry Riana has become one of our managing editors in Zetta Media. As a TV & radio host and Asia’s No.1 female motivational speaker, Merry has broken down barriers to become one of the most admired and watched individuals in the media today. At the age of 25, and only four years after graduation, she earned her first million dollars.

In 2004, she started to become more focused in training and consultancy business. Her vision to raise a new generation of successful young people who take charge of their lives, live their dreams, so that they can contribute back to society was what lead her to start Merry Riana Organization (MRO).

Zetta Media as a network of storytellers who are passionate in creating high quality, authentic and inspiring content for young generation in Indonesia, we share a common desire to create a platform that could help people to achieve their personal dreams and goals.

Together with Merry Riana, we also hope to explore and grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually while contributing positively to others through our contents.


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